Professional English Studies Program

Fall 2018 PES Program

Fall Semester Dates: August 27, 2018 - December 14, 2018


The Certificate Program in Professional English Studies (PES) offers international professionals opportunities to refine their English skills for the workplace while they develop their knowledge of American commerce and public policy practices.  As participants explore the fields of business and policy administration, they develop their leadership and networking skills. Individuals who enroll in the fall semester program learn principles of American business practices and have opportunities to engage in independent field work related to their business interests.  They will analyze case studies, develop business plans, and meet business professionals in the Washington, D.C. area.

Individuals who enroll in the spring semester program learn principles of public policy administration with a focus on leadership and networking skills. Program participants will also engage in independent field work involving the government or private sector.  They will have opportunities to visit government agencies at the local, state, and federal level in the region. 

Participants may enroll in either the fall or spring semester programs or they may choose to enroll for both semesters.  Courses provided for each semester are designed to develop presentation skills, writing skills, and a level of self-confidence enabling participants to continue to advance in their selected fields.


PES participants:

Develop an advanced level of English for professional purposes.
Develop extensive practice in professional Reading and Writing
Conduct supervised field experience
Participate in organized cultural activities.
Experience a vibrant university community.

PES Student Testimonial 1 PES Student Testimonial 2


PES students take the following courses according to the semester they attend:

Fall Semester: Professional English Concentration​

Courses in the fall emphasize building the foundations of advanced language and professional skills 

  •  Written Communication in Business (WCB, 10 hours/week) 
  •  Advanced Oral Communication Skills (ACS, 6 hours/week)  
  •  Supervised Field Experience (SFE 4-6 hours/week) 





Spring Semester: Public Publicy Concentration

Courses in the spring emphasize analysis of public policies and their impact on the business and government sector

  •  Professional Applications in Reading and Writing (AWR, 10 hours/week) 
  •  Leadership and Discussion Seminar (LDS, 6 hours/week) 
  •  Supervised Field Experience (SFE 4-6 hours/week) 





Weekly Workshops and Events
  • University Application Workshops: These consist of information sessions and individual counseling for students planning to apply to U.S. colleges and universities.  Students will identify appropriate colleges, write personal statements, and gather and submit required documents to complete the application process.
  • Pronunciation Workshops: Practice the sounds and rhythms of English
  • Writing Workshops: Work on specific writing needs.
  • Coffee Hour: Students and faculty gather for conversation at this popular weekly event hosted by the EFL office.