Georgetown University's Certificate Program in U.S. Law and Communication Skills (USLCS) allows students to enhance the English language skills you will need for law classes in the United States. The courses are designed to help prepare you to read and write in legal English, as well as sharpen your abilities to participate orally in law classes. Our USLCS courses may use materials that are law-specific, including judicial opinions and articles from legal journals and newsletters. In addition, you will receive extensive, individualized feedback on your skills development. Finally, the program allows students access to learning opportunities with U.S. lawyers from the Georgetown University Law Center, as well as the unique opportunity to observe the U.S. legal system from the vantage of being located just steps from the capital of the U.S., Washington, D.C.

In particular, those preparing to study in LL.M programs in the U.S. will find the USLCS Certificate Program an invaluable platform to sharpen their legal English skills.