Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas, Associate Teaching Professor

PhD in Applied Linguistics, Georgetown University       

Email: biesenbs@georgetown.edu

Dr. Lucas joined the faculty in 2006. She typically teaches the Reading/Writing/Research component at the advanced levels, and she serves as the program's College/University Applications Advisor. Before coming to the Georgetown EFL Program, Dr. Lucas taught in the teacher training program at American University, in the intensive English program at George Washington University, and in the Linguistics Department at Georgetown. She enjoys creating integrated-skills and task-based       teaching materials and has recently co-authored the textbook Next Generation Grammar 4.


Donette Brantner-Artenie, Associate Teaching Professor

MA in Applied Linguistics, Ohio University 
Email: dcb2@georgetown.edu

Ms. Brantner-Artenie joined the Georgetown faculty in 2000. She typically teaches advanced reading/writing/research and grammar courses, and she coordinates the EFL Labs. With over 20 years of experience, she has taught English at Ohio State University and Ohio University in the U.S., and at the high school level in Romania, where she was a Peace Corps Volunteer. She has conducted workshops for teacher-trainers in Togo and Romania, and she is co-author of the textbook Next Generation Grammar 4. Her interests include instructional technologies, content-based learning, and academic English.


GallopStephanie Gallop, Assistant Teaching Professor

M.Ed. in TESOL from the University of North Florida
Email: sg985@georgetown.edu

Stephanie Gallop originally joined the Georgetown EFL faculty in 2013, and she has been teaching in university intensive English programs in Florida and Washington, DC since 2009. Ms. Gallop loves working with students to improve their academic writing and challenge their minds with the most complicated points of English grammar. She has frequently presented at local TESOL-affiliate conferences on academic writing, communicative language strategies, and ways to empower ESL students in the larger international community. When she's not analyzing run-on sentences and fragments, she can be found riding her bicycle all throughout DC or reading a book with her two   cats. 


Katie Hansen, Lecturer

MA in Second Language Teaching, Utah State University 
Email: cyh7@georgetown.edu

Ms. Hansen joined the Georgetown faculty in 2012. She typically teaches reading, writing, and research at the high intermediate or advanced levels, as well as grammar or listening and speaking at the intermediate level. Before coming to Georgetown, Ms. Hansen taught ESL at George Mason, Utah State, and Far East (Korea) Universities. She enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds, and using culture and technology to teach critical thinking and English communication skills.


Bennett Lindauer, Assistant Teaching Professor

MA in Teaching, Georgetown University 
Email: lindaueb@georgetown.edu

Mr. Lindauer joined the Georgetown faculty in 1980. He typically teaches reading, writing, listening and speaking at the intermediate level. Before coming to Georgetown, Mr. Lindauer taught ESL in Taiwan and in New York City. At Georgetown, he has developed standardized English language tests, developed special programs, and trained novice teachers. He enjoys teaching reading and writing through graphic representation of ideas. He believes that every class represents a unique culture which needs to be nurtured to facilitate learning.


Monica Maxwell-Paegle, Assistant Professor

PhD in Linguistics, Georgetown University 
Email: maxwellm@georgetown.edu

Dr. Maxwell-Paegle joined the faculty in 1979. She teaches American literature courses to international undergraduate students and academic writing to both undergraduate and graduate students. Prof. Maxwell-Paegle holds graduate degrees in American literature and education; she earned her Ph.D. in linguistics from Georgetown University. Her career in international education began as a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia, West Africa; she subsequently taught in programs and has presented teacher education workshops in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. 


Nancy Overman, Associate Teaching Professor

MEd in TESL, Boston University 
Email: overmann@georgetown.edu

Ms. Overman joined the Georgetown faculty in 1986. She typically teaches writing at the advanced level and integrated reading/writing at the basic and low intermediate level. Ms. Overman has taught ESL in Japan, France, and in China, where she consulted for the World Health Organization and conducted teacher training workshops. She enjoys incorporating new approaches to her teaching using realia, games, and new technology.


Glen PenrodGlen Penrod, Assistant Teaching Professor

MA in Applied Linguistics, Brigham Young University - Provo
Email: gap8@georgetown.edu

Mr. Penrod joined the Georgetown faculty in 2010. He typically teaches Business and Professional English (BPE) and basic grammar or listening/speaking. Before coming to Washington, DC, Mr. Penrod taught in Georgetown's teacher training program in Korea and at universities in Taiwan, Utah, and Hawaii. He loves to travel and meet people from all over the world. He also publishes English materials for students and teachers through his world-famous language learning websites and family-owned business.


Sharla Rivera, Lecturer

MA in TESOL, American University
Email: sharla.rivera@georgetown.edu

Ms. Rivera joined the Georgetown EFL faculty in 2016. Before that, she was teaching in other universities and colleges in the DC area, where she has lived since 2012. She is originally from Canada, and has taught all over the world, including the Czech Republic and the Dominican Republic. Her favourite projects are those that utilize students' natural creativity to inspire development in other skills. She has been involved in organizing several local TESOL-affiliate conferences, and has served on the WATESOL board, most recently as President. When she's not teaching, she is probably hosting dinner parties with friends or walking around to explore DC's many hidden gems.


Carol Romett, Associate Teaching Professor

MA in Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh 
Email: romettc@georgetown.edu

Ms. Romett joined the Georgetown faculty in 1987.  She typically teaches basic level integrated skills, as well as low intermediate level listening and speaking.  Ms. Romett has many years of experience in international education, including teaching in university intensive English programs, in adult basic education for refugees, and in teacher and professional preparation programs in the U.S., Mexico, Japan, Korea, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, and Lebanon.  Born in Washington, D.C., she delights in showing visitors the many attractions in, around, and above this capital city.


Andrew Screen, Assistant Teaching Professor

MA in TESOL, American University 
Email: aps57@georgetown.edu

Mr. Screen joined the Georgetown faculty in 2011. Prior to teaching at Georgetown, Andrew Screen worked in both Fairfax County and Arlington County Virginia schools as a Spanish/English interpreter. He also taught in several academic and professional English programs in the Washington DC area. From 2003 to 2005, Mr. Screen served as Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica, where he taught EFL and coached youth soccer. He likes exploring new ways to teach grammar and listening and speaking, particularly by integrating technology into the classroom.


William Stout, Lecturer

Certificate in Linguistics, Surrey University 
Email: wts@georgetown.edu

Mr. Stout joined the Georgetown faculty in 2006. He frequently teaches intermediate grammar and advanced communication courses. He also writes curricula and instructs students in the writing and pronunciation workshops. Before coming to Georgetown, he taught for several years in the Washington, DC area and was the developer and director of an accredited teacher-training certificate program (TEFL). Mr. Stout likes to develop challenging and enjoyable elective courses on such topics as English through movies, documentaries and fiction.


Heather Weger, Associate Teaching Professor 

PhD in Applied Linguistics, Georgetown University
Email: hdw2@georgetown.edu

Dr. Weger joined the Georgetown faculty full-time in 2007. She fosters a task-based, integrated skills approach to teaching academic English skills for international students. She has also led curriculum and assessment design projects for several local and international entities. Before coming to Georgetown, Dr. Weger taught ESL in Germany, where she worked for a German company and the US Government. She maintains an active research agenda, including pushing several articles on the co-constructed nature of classroom motivation and on teaching strategies. She is an avid reader and enthusiastic (though slow) runner.

Heather Zitlau, Assistant Teaching Professor

MA in ESL, University of Minnesota
Email: hg227@georgetown.edu

Mrs. Zitlau joined the Georgetown faculty in 2012. She typically teaches at the high intermediate and advanced levels. Her previous TESOL experience includes multiple positions in South Korea, including five years as a lecturer at Seoul National University; teacher training as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Armenia; teaching freshman composition for non-native speakers at the University of Minnesota; and teaching public speaking and American culture in summer intensive English programs at Wuhan University in China. Mrs. Zitlau's teaching interests include academic writing and content-based instruction.